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Don't let GoDaddy screw you over!

They lure you in with cheap domain prices, and then when it comes time to renew, they triple or quadruple the price on you.

Here at Honest Domains we make it easy for you to save money and will never screw you over.

Try our famous 5-minute easy transfer away from Godaddy and save $8 instantly, plus another $8 every time you renew!

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GoDaddy is a greedy, dishonest company

Godaddy spends a ton of money on advertising (those superbowl ads are astronomically expensive!), and they way they afford all that expensive advertising is using this three step formula:

1) Lure you in with low first-year prices and tons of advertising
2) Make it technically difficult and a pain in the neck to transfer domains away from them
3) Once they have you trapped, jack prices on you and rake in the profit

We built a tool that makes it easy to transfer away from Godaddy so you can save money

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Honest Prices:

When you transfer your domain registration to us, you get exactly the same service, for an honest price. We're out to earn your respect and loyalty with honesty, good prices, and good service. No tricks, no sneaky tactics.

Godaddy .com Renewal Price: $17.99/year
Honest Domains .net Domain Price: $10/year

Godaddy .net Renewal Price: $19.99/year
Honest Domains .net Domain Price: $13/year

Godaddy .org Renewal Price: $20.99/year
Honest Domains .org Domain Price: $12/year

Plus hundreds more discounted domain TLDs!

Our Sterling Reputation: Trusted and Secure

Trusted and Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I like the idea of saving money - so how does this work?
A: Its quick and easy. You just fill in your email and GoDaddy username below. You'll be taken to another page where you will enter your GoDaddy password and our servers will validate your credentials and bring up a list of the domains you have in your account. You choose the domain(s) you want to transfer, create a login to our Honest Domains control panel, and pay for the first year of registration(s) with us (which adds to whatever is left on your current registration), and our tool starts cranking away at the hard technical part for you. 5 days later, your domain is transferred, retaining the settings you have currently at GoDaddy, with no service outage, and you are all set!

Q: Is there any downtime for my website during the transfer?
A: Nope, none. Not even a second.

Q: Why are your prices so much lower than GoDaddy's?
A: Domain names have an underlying cost that's the same regardless of whether its a new registration or a renewal. Any company that charges higher prices for renewals is just making a lot more profit, figuring that you will not spend the time and energy to transfer away. We just charge a modest amount over the underlying cost to pay for our servers and overhead and thats it.

Q: But transferring seems hard - how can you say that its easy?
A: We are programmers, so we built a tool that does most of the hard work for you! You just need to take 60 seconds to create a new account with us, choose which domain(s) to transfer, and our tool will get to work for you!

Q: Am I getting the same product with you that I would with Godaddy?
A: Yes! A domain registration is a domain registration and there are no performance differences or anything else. In fact our service is better since our domain control panel is faster and more featured.

Q: I still have 3 months left on my current registration - if I transfer to you will I lose those three months that I've already paid for?
A: No - when you buy a year of registration from us during the transfer process, we start counting that year from your current registration end date. So, if you have 3 months left on your current registration, buying a year from us would bump you up to 15 months on your registration.

Q: This sounds too good to be true - is it?
A: Emphatically no. Its sad to us that people have gotten so used to getting screwed that when an honest company doesn't want to screw them they get suspicious. Give us a try - you'll find us straightforward, direct, and most importantly, honest!

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